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"The Pure and Secure LLC water distiller is considered an essential piece of
equipment here at the DCARNG AASF. It is an FAA requirement to use distilled
water to wash and rinse the Turbomeca Arriel 1E2 engine. Using it on the
components such as the magnesium transmissions also reduces the possibility of
corrosion on mating surfaces as well. The other thing we do here is rinse the
engines every 100 hours to clean corrosive contaminates and dirt from the
Compressor blades. This 1E2 engine has no particle separator so every bit of
dirt, dust, grass, and moisture goes straight through the engine during
flight. By doing the rinse more frequently than the 600 hour requirement we
are sure to extend the life of the compressor because we find almost no
corrosion on the compressor and turbine blades during inspection. The
distiller we have will fill up both sides of our engine wash machine without
stopping 8 gallons. This is enough water to both provide soap solution and
rinse water for both engines without stopping during the process. Every unit
that maintains the UH-72 aircraft would benefit by having this water distiller
on hand and over and above costs to replace Compressor sections down the road
will be greatly reduced if rinsed regularly."

--CW4 Rohn Legore, USARNG UH-72 Program