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Welcome to Support

Axnes and TRACE Worldwide strive to help our customers and users of our wireless intercom systems in the best way possible. Here you will find support contacts, maintenance information, our extended warranty offer, or find user manuals for your system. 


The PNG System

The PNG system requires periodic maintenance on the seals and battery replacement every 3 years. We have full lifetime tracking of all units by serial number. By registering your units with us we can track and advise when maintenance is due. This is done using the registration link located on this page.  


The Polycon System

The Polycon system requires periodic maintenance on the handset seals every 2 years and battery replacement every 4 years. The Base station and charger – every 4 years. As the Polycon system has been in service for many years, it is very important to periodically inspect and service the handsets to ensure continued serviceability and to prevent expensive failures due to salt corrosion, seal degradation and water ingress. Use the ‘Contact Maintenance Team’ button below for more information.

Service & Repair

Despite the robustness of the system, repairs may still be required – Axnes offers a full repair and service capability on all products in their approved maintenance department. Click the ‘Contact Maintenance Team’ button below or send an e-mail to:
The maintenance department will then get in contact with you as soon as possible. We also like to inform you to always try to send the serial number of the device as well. This can be found on the device itself or in the documents that were delivered with the system.


How does Axnes’ PNG Wireless Intercom System work?

The PNG Mission Wireless Intercom from Axnes works as an extension of the existing intercom and allows the crew to go wireless. The unmatched noise cancelling and robust design, make it the ideal system for operators from both aircraft, maritime and ground platforms who work in demanding and noisy environments. A typical setup consists of a Base Station, a Control panel, one or more Handheld Transceivers and Chargers.

What range can be expected with Axnes Wireless Intercom System?

Range always depends on multiple factors. This can vary from: external antenna placement, line of sight between the platform and the operator and type of antenna used. However, in a correct setup, a range of at least 2-3 km line of sight range can be expected.

In what frequency range can the PNG Wireless Intercom System operate in?

The Intercom function operates in the UHF frequency. The frequency range can vary, depending on the type of handheld transceiver and antenna used. Axnes’ MP30 handheld transceivers are designed with single band UHF frequencies and the MP50 are designed with a dual band antenna to operate in both UHF and maritime VHF frequencies. For specific frequency ranges we refer to the product sheets on our product page.

Can the PNG Wireless Intercom System integrate with other equipment?

The PNG system can integrate with various other equipment. This can for example be a moving map, to keep track of the position of the operator(s) using a MP30 or MP50 handheld transceiver. The GPS feature can also integrate with other equipment, such as search lights, so that a search light will automatically follow the operator and numerous other integrations can be achieved as well. Contact us to get a full overview of the possibilities.

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