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The Need For High-Purity Wash Water

High precision helicopter turbines are susceptible to damage by minuscule particulate accumulation or corrosion. Even an accumulation of minute amounts of ash can make a noticeable difference in horsepower. Salt residue can corrode and even ruin these expensive engines. According to manufacturer’s recommendations, high precision helicopter turbines should be flushed out with high purity water after each flight in order to protect the expensive engines from damage caused by particulates or corrosion.
Companies that don’t follow these recommendations risk down time, employee safety and potentially severe damage to their expensive helicopter engines. Engine manufacturers will deny warranty claims on ruined engines if the problem is found to be from insufficient cleaning based on manufacturer’s cleaning specs.
Common solutions include reverse osmosis, deionization, simple distillation or even outsourced bottled water. These solutions cannot offer the consistent level of purity that is needed to protect expensive high precision helicopter turbines.
TurboPureWater is a manufacturing company that provides specialized, ultrapure water solutions for high precision helicopter turbine rinse water. In addition, TurboPureWater offers unmatched global support solutions.

Testimonial: U.S. Army National Guard

TRACE Worldwide Corp. speaks with Facility Maintenance Officer at DC National Guard, to discuss the use of ultrapure (distilled and de-ionized) water in turbine engine rinse operations and general corrosion control for the LUH-72A Lakota helicopter fleet.