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"Every other UAS RF detection and mitigation system I have investigated has been technologically inferior to the technology at WhiteFox."

Brian Fentiman

VP & CEO, BlueForce UAV Consulting,
Retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)


We Speak Drone

Drones fly over stadiums, airports, prisons. The majority of their potential threat—colliding with airplanes, crashing at public events, hitting power lines—is due to civilian drone pilots. As drone technology evolves above us, security systems on the ground must advance with it. Public safety officials need an effective and efficient solution to stop the potential danger drones pose.

Integrating the Sky

Maximizing what drones offer society requires a secure airspace. We design and build cryptographically intelligent solutions that stop illicit drones and allow legal drones to remain airborne.

A Safer Solution

One drone can put thousands of people out of power, start fires, and stop missions. Our intelligent security protects from drone threats with installed and mobile solutions.

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